Mobilization and Getting Started ?>

Mobilization and Getting Started

If you run a business with an online branch or store then you may have heard the term Mobilization. It is becoming increasingly popular along with SEO Services, so you may be hearing it a lot in the days to come.

Mobilization refers to the act of making your business’s webpage or online store more accessible and readable to those who are browsing your site with a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Exclamation_mark_small2Many companies make the mistake of thinking that, once set up, an online store or web page will run itself and allow the owner to sit back and let the purchases roll in. However this is an oversimplification and those who indulge in it are going to miss out on a great deal of potential business every single day.

mobile-seo-rankingIn fact, there are studies which suggest that websites that do not enable proper viewing for mobile devices lose an amount of business equivalent to the amount they would lose if their brick and mortar store was closed for an entire day. A day’s worth of potential customers lost.

While a physical location may justify this loss of profit with the explanation that keeping a store open an extra day may result in too much overhead to balance out the books, an online store is relatively cheap to keep open once it’s been set up. In fact, the entire point of an online store or web page is to have someplace where customers from any location can shop at any time, day or night. Market trends suggest that, as technology develops along this path, the use of mobile devices will eventually outpace or even replace traditional desktop or personal computer usage. As such it is important for businesses with an online aspect to stay well versed in the formats of this technology, in order to stay adaptable and competitive.
The customers are lost because the website lacks mobile device compatibility.
This means it cannot be read or navigated easily on the types of mobile devices many people use to do both their browsing and their shopping. There is a lot of competition for online sales. If a potential customer cannot easily navigate your business’s webpage it is more than likely they will simply navigate to a page that is designed to be more mobile device accessible. Then they will make their purchase at that site instead of yours. Not only will you lose business in that deal but you may, in fact, be driving customers to your competitor’s site. That is a double blow against your bottom line. Now you see why mobilization is so important for the online aspects of your business.

If you want to begin optimizing your mobilization, here are a couple of things you should consider before you begin the process. The first step is to check your online traffic to determine whether or not mobile users are regularly viewing your site and, if so, in what kinds of numbers. This may help you determine if it is worth the cost to reformat your site or to create a new page that is more mobile friendly and accessible over multiple types of devices.

The use of Google Analytics, or other traffic monitoring software, is a good tool to use in this starting stage. With Google Analytics most of the heavy lifting is already done for you and you can get your results in quick and easy. This allows you to make information based changes with just as much speed. It will also list the specific types of devices used in viewing your site.